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In 2005 i joined a product design startup, developing products related to the food industry such as packaging and preparation. I co-invented or invented several patents. Part of my work was patent research and authoring.

Image 1, 4. Patent No: GR 1005230 IPC: 865081/32

Original concept and conception by Mr. Panagiotis Dramitinos. Modelled to check manufacturability. Rendered for promotional purposes using 3D Studio Max with Vray.

Image 2. Patent No: GR 1005349 IPC: B65D 81/32

Patent I invent for NextMedia Hellas. Consists of two sealed containers (cereals and milk) that can be mixed by twisting the 2 half hemispheres.

Image 3. Patent No: GR 1005317 IPC: B65D 51/28

Patent I invent for NextMedia Hellas. The invention permits the user to insert liquid or powder contained in ampoules into water bottles while the bottle is sealed.